2019 Staff Evaluations

Outstanding (100%+); Meets Expectations (80-99%); Almost Meets Expectations (60+-79%); Below Expectations (below 605)


INSTRUCTIONS: Evaluate your work performance as it pertains to the job requirements. Select the rating for each criteria that best describes your performance since the last evaluation. Add comments as desired. (A rating of "Outstanding" should reflect overall performance which goes far beyond what would ever be expected.)
Able to cooperate and communicate with church staff and members in an effective, positive and productive manner even in times of conflict.
Presents an appropriate physical appearance, verbal expression, and sensitive while listening to others.
Punctual and regular in attendance, follows rules about break and meal periods, and makes good use of time. Willing to work OT as required.
Follows rules, policies and procedures fully, faithfully, and with a positive attitude. Models Christlikeness.
Accepts and responds to job requirements and changes with a positive attitude. Wise, discerning, and discreet with information. Supports supervisor and coworkers.
Demonstrates understanding of processes, skills, and equipment required to efficiently perform the job.
Can be relied upon to effectively carry out instructions and fulfill responsibilities on time.
Efficiently accomplishes assigned duties in a reasonable amount of time.
Work is completed thoroughly and correctly without the need for direction or follow-up.
Sets priorities, is a self-starter, seeks out needed tasks to complete, and increases knowledge and abilities.
Thinks and plans ahead, suggests better ways of doing things or contributes ideas to solve problems.
Motivates others to excellence, directs work efficiently, sets goals, coaches, uses good judgment, communicates and listens well and manages conflict.