COVID-19 Updates

March 17, 2020- Letter from Pastor Ben

Brothers and Sisters,

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), things have been changing at a rapid pace.  Yesterday, President Trump’s administration announced a ten-person limit on the size of public gatherings.  With these recommended limitations in place, along with the fact that Alabama schools are closed until the week before Easter, FBCE has made the decision to have our Sunday morning services strictly online and on the radio until Easter Sunday, April 12.  This was a hard decision to make, but we believe it is the best decision in light of the recommendations and the call of God to love our neighbor. 

Here’s what it will look like:

  • Sunday Morning Worship Service
    • 10:30AM
    • Livestream on our website ( or on our Facebook page. 
    • Radio will be live at 10:30AM on 101.1 FM
    • We will be sending out a digital copy of The FBC Weekly, which will include the order of worship, sermon notes, and more.
    • We encourage you to gather with your family or your neighbor and participate as much as possible as we worship together even though we are going to be separate. 
  • Wednesday Evening Bible Study
    • 6:00PM
    • We will pre-record this, but it will drop on our website and Facebook page at 6:00PM.
    • We will continue our study through Romans.

Other things we’ll be doing:

  • Communicating.  Through social media and our website, we will be updating everyone with a fairly solid rhythm. 
  • Equipping.  Expect resources.  Without sports, school, and normal work schedules, you will have more time to make disciples in your home.  We will be putting out a great deal of content (articles, videos, devotions, etc.) so as to equip you with tools to lead your family and make disciples during this coronavirus season. 
  • Working.  As of now, the church office will be open for normal business hours. 

Here’s what we want you to do:

  • Engage with social media.  Please follow and engage with our social media.  This can mean that you “like” and “comment” during the worship service or take a picture of your family during family worship and post it to our page.  Don’t think of it as a way to boast or brag, think of it as a way to lean into healthy community while we can’t be together as a corporate body. 
  • Call on us.  You don’t have to bear burdens alone.  Call the church office if we can serve you in any way.
  • Take appropriate precautions.  If you’re sick, don’t go anywhere.  If you are over the age of 60 with underlying medical issues, please stay home.  This is only for a short season and we will get through this.  In the meantime, we want you to remain as healthy as possible. 
  • Worship through giving.  Because part of our worship happens through giving, and because FBCE is serving our community well during this season, there are several easy ways to give: send a check through the mail, set up automatic bill pay through your bank, give through our website, or give by texting your amount to 334-518-3141. 

We realize that there are many of you who are facing financial constraints or other practical needs. If you have a practical need, please email us at We genuinely want to help, so please, please let us know.

I am so grateful for you and our amazing church, especially during this time. Please be praying for one another and please keep us up-to-date on your needs.

March 14th, 2020- Letter from Pastor Ben 

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