DNow 2019 Registration

If the student has a cell phone please input that number here. Do not include a home phone number.
This is the grade that your child will be in starting in August 2018
List names of 2 friends you would like to be with during the weekend. DO NOT PUT THE SAME NAME TWICE!!!! We will do our best to put you with at least ONE of them. -They must be within 1 grade level of you-

Parent Info

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Waiver and Release Form

Parents, Please read the release form below and type your name to acknowledge and agree with the statement. My permission is granted for First Baptist Church staff member or adult leader in charge of DNOW weekend on August 9-11, 2019, to obtain necessary medical attention in case of sickness or injury for the above named student. I the undersigned, do hereby release and forever discharge all sponsors and FBC Enterprise, AL from any and all claims, demands, actions or cause of action, past-present-or future existing out of any damage or injury while participating in this event. My child has permission to participate in the event listed above. My permission is granted for my child to ride in the church bus or the car of one of the leaders attending the event with the church. I grant permission for pictures or videos taken of the above student while attending this event to be displayed or used in future services or promotion. I will assume full financial responsibility for damages caused by my child as well as any costs involved in returning early due to disciplinary or medical reasons. Student’s signature indicates their agreeing to all travel and trip guidelines. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in a loss of travel privileges.
Please type the parents name to signify that your student agrees with the above statement.
Please type your students name to signify that your student agrees with the above statement.

Submit registration and Payment Page

When you click submit your registration will be saved and you will be taken to the payment page. You can either pay online through the payment page or you can bring cash/check and pay at the church.