Preschool/Children Ministry PJ Party

My permission is granted for First Baptist Church staff member or adult leader in charge of the Preschool/Children's Ministry PJ Party on either January 31, 2020, or February 7, 2020, to obtain necessary medical attention in case of sickness or injury for the above named preschool/child. I, the above-signed, do hereby release and forever discharge all sponsors and FBC Enterprise, AL from any and all claims, demands, actions or cause of action, past-present-or future existing out of any damage or injury while participating in this event. My preschooler/child has permission to participate in the event listed above. I grant permission for pictures or videos taken of the above preschooler/child while attending this event to be displayed or used in future services or promotion. I will assume full financial responsibility for damages caused by my preschooler/child.