Student Mission Trips

Our Student Ministry will be offering trips to Nashville, TN and Lima, Peru during the summer of 2020. Below you will find information about the 2 trips as well as an form to fill out if you are interested in signing up for either one of both trips. 

Deposits are due October 30th

Nashville: $50 deposit

Peru: $100 deposit

Are you interested? Sign up below

Lima, Peru

Cost: Approximately $1500 (includes airfare and all in country costs)

Peru is an exciting location to serve.  Groups that serve here will work alongside our local partnering church, Iglesia Biblica Cristiana, to strengthen their network of church plants and aid in the multiplication of new churches throughout the greater Lima area.  Lima is the third largest city in the Americas with over 10 million people.  These amazing local church-planting pastors have such a passion and strategic vision for seeing the Gospel penetrate their own people and beyond.  We’re excited to be able to blow wind into the sails of their church planting efforts by sending them teams and Gap Year students.


Service Projectswe will do service projects in the cool of the day such as painting and cleaning or any light construction needed for the local church plant.  This will help to display the servant heart of Christ to the community & surrounding neighbors.  This will have a huge impact on how the community views this local church as well as bless the pastor of the church plant.

Ministry Projects – after lunch on site, we’ll spend the afternoon doing evangelism & discipleship.  This could involve praying over families, sharing the Gospel house to house, street evangelism in parks, and helping the local church sow the Gospel in their community to see who is open to the Gospel for followup.

NOTES: There are basically 4 full ministry days.  So plan to work hard, and if VBS is required for your week of service, come ready with a 4-day VBS or children’s camp plan with all the supplies and equipment needed.


Teams will spend a day in the Miraflores district of Lima, enjoying outdoor malls & parks, restaurants, outdoor entertainment, and an authentic Peruvian market.  You will feel the spirit of Peru and its people who love to be outdoors together.

Nashville, TN

Cost: $275 (includes all costs except for free time excursion on Thursday)

Over 1.5 million people live in the Nashville Metro Area.  Very few people know that, in the backdrop of  the Music City, downtown hipster central, LP Field, the Batman Tower, the Gulch, and a plethora of locally owned restaurants & coffee houses,  Nashville ranks 5th in the nation for the most unreached indigenous people groups.  Nashville is a resettlement city for international refugees seeking asylum from persecution.  Our city speaks over 132 languages, and has the largest Iraqi/Kurdish population in the US.  We are home to refugees from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Nepal, Burma, Bhutan, Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia, and a host of other people groups.  The need is great here, and we have a chance to share the hope of Christ with the nations, right here in Nashville.

Our short-term teams will serve among the refugee population where our full-time team lives and serves year-round.  We are a training and launching organization, so each team will experience the following:

TRAIN – Each morning, after breakfast, you will receive one-hour of cross-cultural training, with a focus on the people groups represented in this location.  This worldview training will include an overview of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and other belief systems and how to effectively share the Gospel in each setting.

IMMERSE – After the morning training, you will go on immersion tours of mosques, temples, and markets where the nations worship, shop, and live.

ENGAGE – Each HUB uses different methods to engage these people groups, based on the relationships that have already been established by our team.  This could involve prayer walking, home visits, sharing your testimony, or any other relational platform needed to deliver the Gospel.  Depending on what is needed at the time, your group will need to bring all ministry supplies & equipment needed for your team.

All ministry will be built and scheduled around the on-going ministry of our on-sight team living in the ministry area, so as to further the on-going work and avoid disruption to key relationships that have been formed.  We desire to utilize teams to blow wind into existing ministry sails.

This is not a camp or retreat location.  Our trips are designed to be fully immersive, educational, and an exploration of international missions…so that you can walk away with tools to use back home among internationals in your city.  This experience will change you forever.